Canvas Displays To Match Your Style

David Edwards
When it comes to turning memories into timeless art, canvas prints offer a unique and personal touch to your living space. Custom Koala is excited to guide you through various canvas display styles that can transform your cherished moments into captivating visual stories.

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Celebrate Mother's Day With The Perfect Custom Gifts

David Edwards
Looking for a heartfelt Mother's Day gift? Custom Koala has got you covered!

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Unlocking Love: Personalised Gifts for a Heartfelt Valentine's Day

David Edwards

Unlocking Love: Personalised Gifts for a Heartfelt Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, the search for the perfect gift to express your love is on, and Custom Koala is here to turn your romantic vision into reality. Why settle for ordinary when you can gift extraordinary? Our range of personalised products allows you to infuse your cherished memories, favourite photos, and heartfelt messages into a unique and touching present for your special someone.

 Canvas Products Valentines Day

The Canvas of Love:

Transform your shared memories into a visual masterpiece with our custom canvases. From romantic getaways to candid moments, create a love story that unfolds on gallery-worthy canvases. Consider a collage that captures the essence of your journey together, making each glance a stroll down memory lane.

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Cushions Products Valentines Day

Cozy Comforts:

    Drape your love in warmth with our personalised blankets or cushions. Choose images that evoke shared smiles and moments of togetherness. Whether it's a snapshot from a favourite vacation or a cosy evening at home, our homeware products become a tangible symbol of your shared warmth.

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    Mug Valentines Day

    Sip and Cherish:

      Start your mornings with a touch of love. Personalised mugs adorned with your favourite photos and sweet messages make for an intimate gift. Consider a set of matching coasters to complete the ensemble, ensuring every coffee moment is a reminder of your special bond.

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      Tote Bag Valentines Day

      Tote-ally in Love:

        For the practical yet sentimental partner, a custom tote bag is a delightful choice. Craft a collage of images that tell your love story, and let it accompany them on every journey. It's not just a bag; it's a love-packed accessory.

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        Apron Valentines Day

        Love in the Kitchen:

          Elevate your cooking adventures with personalised aprons and chopping boards. Create a collage of favourite recipes or imprint a cherished photo, making every meal preparation a shared experience filled with love.

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          This Valentine's Day, transcend the ordinary and give a gift that mirrors the uniqueness of your relationship. Explore the endless possibilities of personalisation with Custom Koala and create a Valentine's Day that will be etched in your hearts forever.

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          The Perfect Summer Addition for Your Outdoor Oasis

          David Edwards

          As summer arrives, it's time to transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and style. At Custom Koala, we are thrilled to introduce our customisable outdoor garden cushions, designed to elevate your outdoor experience. Manufactured from high-quality PU Coated Polyester245GSM material, our cushions offer a multitude of benefits that make them a must-have for the sunny season.

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          UV Resistant Outdoor Garden Cushions

          UV Resistant for Long-Lasting Vibrancy:

          The sun's rays can take a toll on outdoor fabrics, causing them to fade over time. We understand the importance of retaining vibrant colors in your outdoor oasis. That's why our garden cushions are UV resistant, reducing the risk of color loss even when exposed to direct sunlight. Relax in the sun without compromising the aesthetics of your outdoor space. With Custom Koala, you can enjoy the vibrant beauty of your cushions all summer long.

          Water Resistant Outdoor Garden Cushions

          Water-Resistant Fabric for Worry-Free Relaxation: 

          With unpredictable summer showers, it's essential to invest in garden cushions that can withstand the elements. Our cushions feature water-resistant fabric, providing a protective barrier against moisture. So, even if an unexpected rain shower arrives, you won't need to worry about rushing to bring them indoors. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of our garden cushions, rain or shine.

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          Fire Resistant Outdoor Garden Cushions

          Fire Retardant for Peace of Mind:

          Safety is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to outdoor furniture. Our garden cushions are fire retardant, complying with BS582 Source 0 & 1 standards. With this added level of protection, you can feel confident and secure while enjoying your outdoor space. Relax and unwind without worry, knowing that your safety is our top priority.

          Outdoor Garden Cushions

          Easy Maintenance and Customisability:

          At Custom Koala, we value convenience and personalisation. Our outdoor garden cushions feature a removable cover, making cleaning a breeze. Simply remove the cover and wash it at 30 degrees. Please note that they are not suitable for dry cleaning or tumble drying. Customisation is also easy with our range of sizes available: 18" x 18", 20" x 20", and 24" x 24". Choose the size that best suits your outdoor furniture and style preferences.

          Premade Design Garden Cushions

          Predesigned Outdoor Garden Cushions:

          In addition to our customisable cushions, we also offer a selection of predesigned outdoor garden cushions available for purchase through Groupon. These cushions feature attractive patterns and designs that can instantly enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Browse our pre-made designs to find the perfect style to complement your patio, deck, or garden.

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          Here are a few other products that the Custom Koala team love this summer!

           Custom Beach Towel For Summer

          Customisable Summer Towels:

          When it's time to hit the beach or lounge by the pool, our customisable towels are a must-have accessory. Designed to keep you comfortable and stylish, our towels can be personalised to reflect your unique taste. Whether you prefer vibrant colors, playful patterns, or elegant monograms, our customisation options allow you to create a towel that is truly your own. Embrace the summer sun with our customisable towels and enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience.

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          Summer Apron For BBQ

          Customisable Aprons for BBQs:

          For outdoor cooking enthusiasts, our customisable aprons are the perfect addition to your BBQ gatherings. With their durable and practical design, our aprons not only protect your clothes from spills and stains but also add a touch of personality to your grilling experience. Personalise your apron with your name, favorite quote, or creative design, and become the star of your backyard cooking adventures. With our customisable aprons, you'll cook in style and make a statement.

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          Create a Unique Bedroom for Your Child with These 4 Personalised Products

          David Edwards
          Decorating a child's room can be a fun and exciting task. It's an opportunity to create a space that reflects their personality and interests, and to make it feel like a special place that they can call their own. At Custom Koala, we offer a wide range of customisable products that are perfect for decorating a child's bedroom!

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          Say 'I Do' to Personalised Wedding Gifts!

          David Edwards

          Weddings are a special occasion that calls for a thoughtful and unique gift to show your love and appreciation for the happy couple. At Custom Koala, we offer a range of personalised products that make for perfect wedding gifts. Here are some of our best options:

           Personalised Wedding Cushions

          Custom Cushions 

          Our custom cushions are perfect for adding a personal touch to the newlywed's home decor. You can choose from a range of sizes and fabric options, and customise them with the couple's names, favourite picture, wedding date, or even a special message. These cushions make for a thoughtful and cosy gift that the couple will cherish for years to come.

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           Wedding canvas Banner

          Custom Canvas Prints

          A custom canvas print featuring a photo of the happy couple makes for a wonderful and sentimental wedding present. You can choose from a wide range of sizes. This is a great way to celebrate the couple's love and create a lasting memento that they can hang in their home as a reminder of their special day.

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           Wedding Towels Banner

          Custom Towels 

          Our custom towels are a great practical gift for the newlyweds. Made from high-quality materials, they are durable and absorbent, making them ideal for everyday use. You can customise them with the couple's names or initials, or even a special message. This is a thoughtful and useful gift that the couple will appreciate and be able to use in their day to day. 

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          Personalised Wedding Aprons

          Customised Aprons 

          Our customised aprons make for a unique and fun wedding present. You can choose from adult and child sizes and customise them with the couple's names or a special message. This is a great gift for a couple who loves to cook together or for a family with young children who enjoy helping out in the kitchen.

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           Personalised Blankets Wedding Banner

          Personalised Blankets 

          Our personalised blankets are perfect for the couple who loves to snuggle up on the couch. Made from soft, cosy fleece material, they are perfect for keeping warm on chilly nights. You can choose from three sizes and three backing colours and add your own personal touch by including their names, initials, pictures or wedding date.

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          Personalised Mugs BannerCustom Mugs 

          A set of custom mugs with the couple's names, initials, wedding date or the classic Mr/Mrs combination on them can be a practical and sentimental gift. They can enjoy their morning coffee or tea together while reminiscing about their special day. Our mugs are made from high-quality ceramic material and are dishwasher safe and microwave safe, making them a perfect gift that will last for years to come.

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          At Custom Koala, we believe that a personalised gift is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the special couple on their big day. All of our products are made from quality materials and are easy to customise to your specifications. So, whether you're looking for something traditional or unique, our range of personalised products is sure to have something that the happy couple will love.

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          The Perfect Gift For Your Furry Friend

          David Edwards

          As pet owners, we all know how much joy our furry friends bring into our lives. From long walks in the park to cozy cuddles on the sofa, our pets are always there to lift our spirits and make us smile. That's why, at Custom Koala, our personalised products are purrfect to make your furry friend feel extra special.

          Custom Koala Pet Cushion

          Our custom cushions are a popular choice among our customers as gifts for our four legged friends. Made from high-quality materials and printed with your favourite photo of your pet, these cushions are perfect for adding a personal touch to your home decor. They're also great for snuggling up with your pet on the couch, making them a thoughtful and practical gift for any pet lover.

          Custom Koala Pet Blanket

          For colder months, our personalised blankets are a must-have. Made from soft, cozy fleece material, these blankets are perfect for keeping your pet warm and snug. You can choose from a range of sizes and designs to create a customised blanket that perfectly captures your pet's personality.

          Custom Koala Pet Canvas

          Our custom canvases are a great way to showcase your pet's adorable little face and charming personality. You can choose from a range of sizes to suit your home, and customise your canvas with your favourite picture of your pet. It's a wonderful way to celebrate the bond you share with your furry friend and create a lasting memento that you'll cherish for years to come.

          Custom Koala Pet Towel

          And finally, our custom towels are not only great for humans but also perfect for pets. Made from high-quality materials, they are durable and absorbent, making them ideal for drying off your furry friend after a bath or a swim. Plus, with the option to personalise them with your pet's name or photo, they make for a fun and unique addition to your pet's bath time routine.

          At Custom Koala, we believe that every moment with your pet is precious, and our personalised products are designed to help you capture and cherish those special moments with your fluffy best friend.

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          Top 5 Gifts From Custom Koala

          David Edwards

          From Christmas to Birthdays and every holiday in between, there's never a better time to start thinking about what personalised gifts you can give this year! The Custom Koala team has put together our 5 Best Selling products to help you decide which is right for you!

          Custom Koala Family Photo Canvas


          1: Canvas

          Our canvases are a great gift for any occasion, from Christmas to Anniversaries!

          They’re perfect for those special memories – from family portraits to your favourite snaps from holiday or even to give old photos a new lease of life.

          Our canvases are made from high quality materials, and are hand stretched in our UK facility by our expert team of Koalas!

          We use 100% renewable, kiln-dried, knot free, finger jointed wood from FSC certified mills so you can rest easy knowing they’re produced with sustainability in mind.

           Custom Koala Cushions Gift

          2: Cushions

          Custom Cushions are perfect for all ages, from kids to grandparents! Personalise them with all your favourite photos of family, pets, places and more for a unique gift that will be well loved!

          Our cushions are available in three sizes, with three different materials available so you can really personalise it to your own design!

          All our cushions come with a removable cover for easy washing (with washing instructions inside so you never forget!) and a lovely squashy inner for maximum comfort!

           Custom Koala Ceramic Mug Gift

          3: Mugs

          Our ceramic mugs make great gifts for all occasions!

          If you’ve got friends or family that love a cup of tea or can’t get their morning started without a coffee, then this is the perfect gift for them! Personalise it with their favourite pictures to give a thoughtful and practical present that they can use year round!

          Our mugs have an 11oz capacity (Just right for a good brew!) and are both microwave and dishwasher safe for easy heating and cleaning!


           Custom Koala Tote Bag Gift

          4: Tote Bags

          Carry your favourite memories with you wherever you go with the Custom Koala tote bag!

          Made from 360gsm canvas material with black webbing handles, our tote bags are a sturdy shopping companion with plenty of room for anyone who loves a bit of retail therapy or needs extra carry space!

          Our tote bags offer vibrant double sided printing and are fully machine washable for easy cleaning.


          Custom Koala Chopping Board Gift

          5: Chopping Boards

          Customise a beautiful glass chopping board for the master chef in your life! Upload your favourite image to create a practical gift that can be used year round to protect surfaces while preparing culinary delights!

          Our chopping boards have a toughened surface of wipe clean textured glass and anti slip rubber feet at each corner!


          We hope this blog gives you a few ideas for some personalised photo gifts that you could give to the special people in your life this year – but if not, we’ve still got plenty of amazing custom products to choose from. Start customising today at 

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          Custom Koala is taking steps to be more sustainable

          David Edwards


          Custom Koala are always striving to be more eco-friendly and to operate more sustainably across all channels of our business.

          Our team is committed to moving towards a more sustainable world for everyone – and that’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Ecologi!

          With Ecologi, we plant one tree for every order placed, while helping to support climate projects across the world.

          Ecologi is an environmental organisation who are trying to help businesses and individuals alike to have a positive impact on the world around us, our environment and climate! And the best part is, you can see the difference your orders make, by visiting the Custom Koala Forest!

          You can see the number of trees that have been planted in our forest thanks to your orders,  along with the projects we’re helping to fund! Visit our forest and help us move towards a more sustainable future, one tree at a time!

           Visit Our Ecologi Forest

          But that’s not all! The Custom Koala team is taking other small steps to make a big difference in our carbon footprint. Here are a few things we do to try and be more environmentally friendly in our business:

          • We use 100% renewable FSC approved wood in all our canvas frames.
          • We’ve upgraded to HP Latex water based inks on all applicable products.
          • We’ve got a new range of electric forklift trucks to operate around our warehouse.
          • Our warehouse is installed with LED lighting throughout, including our offices and production areas.
          • Motion sensors are active in the warehouse so that lights are only on when employees working.
          • All paper used throughout the business (excluding art and poster prints!) are EU Ecolabel (PT/011/002) and is 100% recyclable!
          • The cardboard packaging that we use for deliveries is fully recyclable and packing material is kept to a minimum to reduce waste.
          • And much more!

          Don’t forget to visit the Custom Koala Forest and see how many trees your orders have planted!


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          Why Are Custom Koala Canvases So Good?

          David Edwards

          Why are Custom Koala canvases so good?

          At Custom Koala, we make a wide range of customisable photo gifts that our customers love, including our Canvas collection! So what makes our canvases so good? Keep reading to find out!

          Canvas Close Up Corner

          Amazing Quality!

          Our Canvas range is one of our most popular for a reason!

          It’s made with high quality canvas material and using the most advanced printing technology to create stunning, vibrant reproductions of your favourite images for photo gifts that you’ll love!

          They’re also hand stretched by our expert team right here in our UK facility! Our team have years of knowledge and knowhow to help make sure your canvas is perfectly made, every time!

           Custom Koala Canvas Making

          Made In The UK!

          As mentioned above, all our products, including our Canvases are manufactured in our UK facility! This gives us control over every aspect of their production, from printing to packing, it’s all overseen by our Custom Koala team!

          Because all of our products are made in the UK, there’s no long wait times on shipping either!

          Custom Canvas


          It’s easy to personalise our Custom Koala canvases with your favourite pictures to create a unique product! There are plenty of sizes to choose from to create your perfect gift, with both landscape and portrait options available! 

          And with our great savings, you can personalise in other ways too. From a canvas photo wall to one large statement piece or even an eye catching triptych! Or even upgrade to your own personal gallery with our framed Canvases!

          Custom Koala makes customising your canvas easy! 

          Custom Koala Canvas Frames

          More Sustainable!

          At Custom Koala, we’re always trying to improve the ways our products are made to increase sustainability within our company! That’s why we try and use more eco-friendly materials wherever we can – like the wood for our canvases!

          When making our canvases, we use wood from FSC certified mills which means the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

          We also plant a tree for every item ordered through Custom Koala in our Ecologi Forest! 

          Visit Our Forest


          Fast Delivery Custom Koala

          Fast Delivery!

          When you place an order with Custom Koala, we always aim to have it manufactured and delivered as quickly as possible while not compromising on quality to ensure you get your photo gifts in time for your special event!

          Our canvases are even delivered ready to hang straight out of the box, with hanging hardware already installed and bumper stops on the back to help avoid damage to your canvas and walls! Easy!

          Custom Koala Back Of Canvas

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